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Hydrate IV Bar
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Our most comprehensive drip. B-complex, vitamin c, magnesium, and glutathione with 1L normal saline. Great for skin, muscles, organs and bones. Overall energy, detox and immunity boost.

Hydrate IV Bar is a clean, comfortable, and relaxed setting with the options of social or private rooms. Prices range from $30-$169 depending on the service. B12 injections take only minutes and IV therapy treatments take approximately 45 minutes. We use the most up to date, cutting edge equipment, and techniques to deliver an enjoyable experience. Hydrate IV Bar aims to provide the best service in the industry! Located in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood, open 7 days a week and walk-ins are welcome!
  • Intravenous “within vein” therapy is a safe, fast, efficient way to deliver essential fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream.
  • The use of an IV bypasses the digestive system which allows for 100% absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.
  • IV therapy is key for persons experiencing the effects of dehydration or wanting to improve their overall health and wellness.
Voucher expires 7/31/17
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About Hydrate IV Bar

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Hydrate IV Bar's mission is to provide a safe, effective and affordable service to those who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. They enhance life’s most basic necessity; hydration.

Hydrate IV Bar Location:
Hydrate IV Bar 753 South University Blvd.
Denver, Colorado, 80209, US Phone: (303) 209-0989 Get Directions
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